Hello world, yet again!

I’m back! Sorta… It’s been more than a year since my last post and I can tell you, a lot has changed since I last wrote something on here. Given everything else that was going on in my life, the blog definitely felt less of a priority. Well for one, I officially completed my Masters in Geography at Ankara University, although I still don’t have a certificate to prove it yet. I really hope that the administration of the university will come through soon with that. I handed in my Master’s thesis at the end of July and successfully defended it in the beginning of August. A week later, I was flying back home, to get married! Funnily enough, marriage was certainly not in the plans when I last posted on here. One thing led to the other and before we know it, we were married. It’s really amazing how quickly everything went and sometimes I do wake up thinking that it was all just a dream. The wedding was planned in the space of 2-3 months, and all the credits certainly go to my mother for basically taking over while I focused on my thesis. I think she was secretly happy that she was getting the wedding she always wanted. Mum, if you’re reading this, I apologise in advance but you know it’s true.

Photo credit: Jaabir Peerally Photography

I almost did miss the wedding, given everything in Turkey was in turmoil after the attempted coup on July 15. Yep, I was there when that happened. I actually missed all the “action” since I was on meds and was literally out for the whole night. As I used to keep my phone of Flight Mode during the night (a habit I’ve certainly stopped now), I woke up to hundreds of missed calls and messages from family and friends, asking if I was okay. I can certainly imagine that they thought of the worse when I could not be reached. Anyhow, the Turkey I woke up to on July 16 was a different Turkey I had been introduced to in 2009 and a small part of me was actually glad that I was leaving. I do miss it but I have a feeling I would also have missed the Turkey I knew even if I was still living there. I’m certainly looking forward to my trip to Turkey next week!

As you may have guessed now (or if you follow me on social media), Ankara is not my home anymore. I moved to Germany almost three months ago, to be with my husband (I still giggle at the thought of calling my other half the husband). I spent the first four months of our marriage in Mauritius, gathering the required papers for my “Family Reunion” visa for Germany. I did take advantage of the situation and had an extended holiday in Mauritius, to enjoy the beach and also to spend some time with my family. We are more apart than we are together, so the waiting time was basically a treat for me. The situation practically stayed the same after my move here, to Nuremberg. For the past three months, all we have been dealing with is paperwork, for everything you can think of. I finally had my appointment at the Foreigner’s Office here this week and will be getting my resident permit very soon. I think the holiday will be finally over in April as I get back on track with everything. I have to admit, other than my culinary expertise (which I’ve been spamming my Instagram with), I make a very crappy and cranky housewife. There are only so many existential crises that I we can deal with.

2015-04-10 10.30.16 HDR
Some sun, sand and sea ❤

So where is this blog heading to now? I have no freaking idea. I think it’ll definitely have a more personal touch as compared to before. I do look forward to writing more about my experience here in Germany as an expat. I have to say, the experience so far has been very unexpected. For one, I probably communicate more in Turkish than English (and I still need to work on my German). Anyhow, that is it from me today. Until next time!






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