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Bat cull in Mauritius: the new feat of my country

Mark Twain said it all: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” It seems to be true, at first glance.

An idyllic tiny island with a favourable climate almost all year round, it appears to be this perfect holiday destination where you can lounge all day in the sun, drink coconut water on the beach and go for a swim in the clear blue turquoise water. However, behind this image of perfection that it’s selling, Mauritius, my dear country, as from last week, is responsible for a never ending bloodbath that is probably going to bring hell on this supposed paradise island that tourists pay shit loads of money to visit.

Flying liquid gold. Photograph by Jaques de Speville, on National Geographic

As of the 7th of November 2015, confirmed by a press communiqué, the fruit bat cull – mass murder –, as a urgent response to reduce the losses incurred by fruit farmers supposedly due to bats, had been officially implemented putting 18,000 endemic Mauritian fruit bats, or as their real name is, Mauritian flying foxes, in their natural habitats, even in the protested areas at risk. With a wingspan of about 70 cm and its fox-like face, the Mauritian flying fox (Pteropus niger) lives up to its name and is even described as ‘flying liquid gold’ due its fur colour. Until 2013, it had been classified as an endangered species after which its status was changed to vulnerable with an estimate of a few tens thousands now existing in the wild. Continue reading Bat cull in Mauritius: the new feat of my country


Merveille Du Sud

When I’m back home in Mauritius, there is much more I enjoy doing than staying at home usually sitting in the hallway and reading a book – I’m the reason there are carpets and cushions everywhere in the house – and enjoying the silence and privacy which practically don’t exist here in my yurt in Turkey. Although that literally is mostly what I ended up doing during the first two weeks I was back home over summer (or winter in the Southern Hemisphere – that always gets people confused). One of my favourite spots to go to is to Mahébourg, a small “town” on the southeast coast of the island, somewhere I had been going as a child with my dad to watch the Regatta race every year while stuffing myself with all the yumminess from the food stalls there. I’ve had a thing for boats since and working on a boat for some time definitely falls into my bucket list.

Mahebourg Waterfront
Mahebourg Waterfront

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Gallivanting in the nature reserves of Mauritius

Everything happens for a reason. And everything doesn’t happen for a reason as well. When I returned to Mauritius a bit more than a year ago, it was supposed to be for a short visit, after which I was to be Tenerife-bound to spend three months whale watching. Well, it still hurts to admit that this never happened but I ended up volunteering with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation instead, which was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had.

Lost in the forest?
Lost in the forest?

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