Leaving the nest: Komal relates

12386726_10156313439935503_1270260469_nKomal moved to Melbourne almost immediately after graduating from high school to study Commerce and is currently working there at the moment. She took some time to share some of her thoughts with us, as part of our Leaving the Nest series.

So, tell us a bit more about yourself? What have been up to since you left college?

After HSC, I left within a couple of weeks of receiving results for Melbourne, Australia. I did an undergraduate degree in Commerce and started working in a Business Consulting straight out of university.

What led you to study this particular subject?

I had studied Sciences for my A-levels but chose the Commerce path at university because it was more in line with what I thought I wanted as a career.

Why did you choose to study Australia?

I chose Australia as the degrees provide more flexibility (compared to the UK) and for the lifestyle and weather.

How was the adjustment from Mauritius to Melbourne?

The transition from Mauritius to Australia was smooth. In my case, because it all happened very fast, i.e HSC results start of Feb and by the 23rd of that month I was starting uni in Melbourne, I was just ticking everything off the list and didn’t have time to ponder on the adjustment and implications etc

What did you wished you had known before the BIG move?

I wish I’d been better prepared for living independently (cooking, cleaning etc) in addition to managing self-study. I think school did not prepare us for managing a budget, and all the other skills required to do well away from home.

What was the hardest thing to get used to?

Nothing really.

What is one thing that struck you about your time abroad?

I love meeting people from different backgrounds/cultures/countries and hearing their stories.

What do/did you miss the most from home?

The big 3F’s: family, food and friends (in that order)

What will/do you miss the most?

If I leave Australia, I’ll miss my work and friends the most.

What would be your advice to newly graduated college students?

Be open minded, be enthusiastic, be eager to learn, this is your time to shine and discover yourself. Work hard, but play just as hard and have the time of your life. Yolo!

Leave me a message on Facebook or email me at themauritiangeographer[at]gmail[dot]com if you also want to share your experiences abroad.




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