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Hello world, yet again!

I’m back! Sorta… It’s been more than a year since my last post and I can tell you, a lot has changed since I last wrote something on here. Given everything else that was going on in my life, the blog definitely felt less of a priority. Well for one, I officially completed my Masters in Geography at Ankara University, although I still don’t have a certificate to prove it yet. I really hope that the administration of the university will come through soon with that. I handed in my Master’s thesis at the end of July and successfully defended it in the beginning of August. A week later, I was flying back home, to get married! Continue reading Hello world, yet again!


A couple of awards ;)

I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards, Liebster, One Lovely and most recently The Versatile Blogger Awards by The Cake Architect, An Armchair Perfectionist, Travel Morgan and A Restless Traveler. I’m bending the rules a bit so I’m gonna reply to 10 questions that was asked to me and then write 10 facts about myself (that was freaking hard!). Rather that than have you read a whole essay about myself.

I’m quite honoured that you guys thought me worth of them 😉


Questions combo for the Liebster Award:

1) Tea or Coffee?
That’s a hard question. A year ago, it would have been coffee without any hesitation but now I’ve kinda mellowed to the idea of tea. Breakfast is usually accompanied with a cup of Earl Grey and I’ve also got a few jars of green, mint and sage. Although I cannot go too long without a coffee fix. Continue reading A couple of awards 😉