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My not-so-beachy holiday

When I usually tell people I’m from Mauritius – and after explaining where and what it actually is – they imagine that all I do is lounge on the beach basking in the sun. I mean, what else would you be doing if you’re on a tropical island which has some of the best beaches in the world with sunshine most of the time? Exactly NOT that. I could usually count the number of times I went to the beach on the fingers on my hand (yup just one) during a year when I was still living there. For the most of it, I was either at school or work and by the time it was the weekend, all I ever wanted was just to stay in bed and do nothing. Going to the beach for us was a real treat, even if it was just an hour drive away (which didn’t apply to us since we had no car).

I went back this year for summer hoping for some sun and beach action. Instead I reached home to learn that one of the people I was closest to was on her death bed. We lost her two days later and I don’t think our family will ever be the same again. Sometimes I wished I hadn’t actually gone back – would it have hurt less had I been far away? I’m never going to know. But then, I’m glad I got to see her one last time. I spent the next two weeks filling myself up with food, because I didn’t really know what else to do to get rid of the emptiness I was feeling. I put on a few pounds although that feeling never really went away. By the time I actually started feeling again, it was already time for me to leave home. Continue reading My not-so-beachy holiday


5 Things to do when in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

Last winter (yes I can say that because we’re officially in spring now, WIN), I spent three weeks volunteering at GROL Garden located in Girne (Greek name: Kyrenia), Northern Cyprus, and I have to say during that short time, I settled quite well in this idyllic little Mediterranean town. Wherever I went around the island, it always felt good to come back to what I was calling home during those three weeks. I found it less crowded than most places I had been to (which in fair honesty isn’t that much to start with) but also the “island-y” feeling it gave off definitely reminded me of Mauritius. For all I know, it could easily have been one of the coastal towns of my home country – except we have prettier beaches, of course.

The sun setting over Kyrenia Harbour
The sun setting over Kyrenia Harbour

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Why I bought a guide to my own country

In less than a month, I’ll be flying back to Mauritius to attend the family wedding of the year (yes, I know it’s only March and no it’s not my wedding) and amongst sorting out dresses and accessories – mainly via Whatsapp and Viber -, I also got myself a travel guide to Mauritius. Given, I’m only going to be in tropical paradise for only 10 days most of which would be devoted to running around like a headless chicken getting last minute wedding preps done, I’m also hoping to have at least a day or two to myself for some exploring (Dear bride-to-be, if you’re reading this, I still love you and promise to be at your beck and call whenever you need me – within reason.)

Overlooking the azure blue lagoon
Overlooking the azure blue lagoon

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