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10 Reasons Why My Workaway Experience in Northern Cyprus was Incredible

It’s already been a week since I left Northern Cyprus, more specifically, GROL (Green Rays of Lights) Garden, a workaway destination, and it was… Let’s put it this way: I can’t wait to go back again. Here’s why:

GROL, at a glance
GROL, at a glance
  1. The all-mighty Vitamix

This might come as weird but GROL people know what I’m on about. During the three weeks at the garden, my whole life depended on that blender. For one, it meant I could make and eat as much hummus as I could – that is my sort of heaven. We also started to make our own nut/seed based milk instead of buying from the market, which meant fresh milk for cereals in the morning! Yes I am all about food. We (I) got to experiment making almond, cashew and sesame milk but also making different other things as well such as a cookie dough dip from chickpeas (no, it was not disgusting), making raw ice cream, pies and NUTELLA which some of the other volunteers taught me, and soup of course. Continue reading 10 Reasons Why My Workaway Experience in Northern Cyprus was Incredible


The ghost town of Varosha

A mere 15 minutes walk from the walled city of Famagusta past the shops and restaurants, the quarter of Varosha is a reminder of the Cypriot reality: the distinct division between the north and south. Prior to the Turkish invasion in 1974, it boasted of luxurious and sophisticated hotels overlooking the azure Mediterranean and was a major tourist attraction of the country as well as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Now behind rusty razor wires, once high-end properties have been left to rot and decay without a care. The term “ghost town” is very apt for Varosha has been one since the arrival of the Turkish army back in 1974 which led to the  Greek Cypriots, fearing for their lives, fleeing overnight with only the clothes on their backs, with the hope to return after the conflict ended. Except it never did.

Rot and decay all around. Photo credits: Andriy M.
Rot and decay all around. Photo credits: Andriy M.

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Postcard from: Girne, Northern Cyprus


I only just came back from a walk by the harbour to watch the sunset after having spent most of the morning and afternoon working on the farm doing very physical but quite satisfying manual labour. This is currently my second day here in Girne, or Kyrenia which is how the Greeks call it. I only reached yesterday afternoon and it already feels as if I have been here for weeks. I’m doing a ‘workaway’ here, at the GROL Garden located right in the little harbour town of Girne. Our day starts at 8 am, basically a lie-in when you consider life on a farm, and we usually finish around 3 pm. All the volunteers take turns in cooking lunch and dinner; I’m quite happy I’ve still got a few days until I’m let loose in the kitchen. As much as I like cooking, it’s always stressful when you’re cooking for others. It’s amazing though that all the food is strictly vegan so I’m having quite fun learning new recipes from others.

Life here on the farm is unfolding quite nicely, I have to say.

Until next time.

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