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Hello world, yet again!

I’m back! Sorta… It’s been more than a year since my last post and I can tell you, a lot has changed since I last wrote something on here. Given everything else that was going on in my life, the blog definitely felt less of a priority. Well for one, I officially completed my Masters in Geography at Ankara University, although I still don’t have a certificate to prove it yet. I really hope that the administration of the university will come through soon with that. I handed in my Master’s thesis at the end of July and successfully defended it in the beginning of August. A week later, I was flying back home, to get married! Continue reading Hello world, yet again!


My not-so-beachy holiday

When I usually tell people I’m from Mauritius – and after explaining where and what it actually is – they imagine that all I do is lounge on the beach basking in the sun. I mean, what else would you be doing if you’re on a tropical island which has some of the best beaches in the world with sunshine most of the time? Exactly NOT that. I could usually count the number of times I went to the beach on the fingers on my hand (yup just one) during a year when I was still living there. For the most of it, I was either at school or work and by the time it was the weekend, all I ever wanted was just to stay in bed and do nothing. Going to the beach for us was a real treat, even if it was just an hour drive away (which didn’t apply to us since we had no car).

I went back this year for summer hoping for some sun and beach action. Instead I reached home to learn that one of the people I was closest to was on her death bed. We lost her two days later and I don’t think our family will ever be the same again. Sometimes I wished I hadn’t actually gone back – would it have hurt less had I been far away? I’m never going to know. But then, I’m glad I got to see her one last time. I spent the next two weeks filling myself up with food, because I didn’t really know what else to do to get rid of the emptiness I was feeling. I put on a few pounds although that feeling never really went away. By the time I actually started feeling again, it was already time for me to leave home. Continue reading My not-so-beachy holiday

Where I disappeared to these last few weeks

Hello everyone!

First of all, no I haven’t dropped off the surface of the Earth although I came close to that. I haven’t been very active lately and for those of you that were wondering why (I sincerely hope you exist), the reason is, I’ve been busy adult-ing. After spending the first half of this year jetsetting around Europe mostly to Austria, Germany, Hungary and Cyprus and my amazing trip to Mauritius to attend the wedding of the year (in my honest opinion), I spent the whole of June trying to finish writing up my research – the reason I move and actually live in Turkey. And today, I actually finalised one of my papers and I have never felt so proud. I’m currently working on two projects at the moment: one about the spatiotemporal trend of rainfall in Turkey and the other about landslide risks in the Black Sea Region; both of which will be submitted (and hopefully be accepted) for publication. My summer at the moment is looking like it’s going to be filled with more research and some travel – the two best things of my life at the moment. My parents are spoiling me with yet another trip to Mauritius and I’ll be spending August in Germany mostly, with the occasional trip (hopefully) to Prague, Vienna and Copenhagen amongst others.

I’m definitely going to be around a little bit more as from now, unless I die from food overdose during my holidays in Mauritius – I’ve already sent my mother a list of food I’ve been craving for. Although if you’re missing me THAT much, I’m  usually much more present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than here.

Until then,

Happy Travels!