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Taking on Nemrut (II)

Suddenly, getting up at 2 am for sunrise on Mt. Nemrut seemed like a very bad idea. As we got ready to go out, we couldn’t help but wonder why we didn’t choose to go see sunset given how much time to spare we had the previous day. Of course, a few hours later, we’d be telling a different story.

Climbing Mt. Nemrut  at 3 am. Photo: Laure
Climbing Mt. Nemrut at 3 am. Photo: Laure

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The Cotton Castle and beyond

Barely able to keep our eyes open by the time we reached Denizli, we were quite relieved that our arranged pick up to our hotel in Pamukkale was on time. We had chosen to stay in Denizli for the night rather than Kuşadası not only so we could get an early start in Pamukkale to beat the crowds but also to take advantage of the free lift from the bus station which most hotels/pensions offer. There is also a frequent dolmuş service from Denizli to Pamukkale but we went for the hassle free option. We’re staying at the Dört Mevsim Hotel and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service. The staff have been nothing but helpful and usually give quite good advice and tips towards exploring the area. There are several places to stay at in Pamukkale and usually you can just turn up on the day and find yourself a bed somewhere without booking in advance.

Despite our plan of an early start, getting out of bed was harder than we expected. After breakfast, the hotel manager dropped us by the southern gate of Hierapolis where we started our day visiting the ancient site, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and finishing down in the travertines and the antique pool.

At the southern entrance of Hierapolis
At the southern entrance of Hierapolis

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Hittite adventure in Hattuşa

This Sunday ended up just being a wild messed-up but still fun goose chase. I had wanted to visit Hattuşa (pronounced hattusha) for a while now and after my visit to the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations the week before, the history enthusiast in me thought that it should be my next destination.

Entrance to the Great Temple
Entrance to the Great Temple

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