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Merveille Du Sud

When I’m back home in Mauritius, there is much more I enjoy doing than staying at home usually sitting in the hallway and reading a book – I’m the reason there are carpets and cushions everywhere in the house – and enjoying the silence and privacy which practically don’t exist here in my yurt in Turkey. Although that literally is mostly what I ended up doing during the first two weeks I was back home over summer (or winter in the Southern Hemisphere – that always gets people confused). One of my favourite spots to go to is to Mahébourg, a small “town” on the southeast coast of the island, somewhere I had been going as a child with my dad to watch the Regatta race every year while stuffing myself with all the yumminess from the food stalls there. I’ve had a thing for boats since and working on a boat for some time definitely falls into my bucket list.

Mahebourg Waterfront
Mahebourg Waterfront

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