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10 reasons to visit Turkey in 2016

I’ve had my share of woes in Turkey, especially when it comes to bureaucracy but I have to say that that I consider myself quite lucky to have been able to experience it as an almost-local. As I take on possibly my last year here (time FLIES), it’s a good time as any other to already start making a list of reason why I should come back after leaving (IF I leave). With Turkish Airlines now serving the Istanbul-Mauritius-Antananarivo route three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) and possibly an additional flight on Mondays as from the 8th of February 2016 it is still quite fair to assume that many Mauritians would soon be making their way towards Turkey in the near future – not that they haven’t been doing so for the past years (from what I know anyway).

So without further ado, here are my 10 reasons for you to visit Turkey this year.

1. Istanbul would be reason enough

The Blue Mosque – the face of Istanbul
The only city spanning two continents, Istanbul is definitely one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities I have ever visited (although I wouldn’t want to live there, the traffic is truly horrendous). With over 2500 years of history, culture and traditions, it is a city with beautiful and certainly famous landmarks representing worth of the capital that served four different empires.

From a corner in the Hagia Sophia
2. But then, you’d miss the other historical and archeological gems Turkey offers

Ephesus: The library of Celsus
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My not-so-beachy holiday

When I usually tell people I’m from Mauritius – and after explaining where and what it actually is – they imagine that all I do is lounge on the beach basking in the sun. I mean, what else would you be doing if you’re on a tropical island which has some of the best beaches in the world with sunshine most of the time? Exactly NOT that. I could usually count the number of times I went to the beach on the fingers on my hand (yup just one) during a year when I was still living there. For the most of it, I was either at school or work and by the time it was the weekend, all I ever wanted was just to stay in bed and do nothing. Going to the beach for us was a real treat, even if it was just an hour drive away (which didn’t apply to us since we had no car).

I went back this year for summer hoping for some sun and beach action. Instead I reached home to learn that one of the people I was closest to was on her death bed. We lost her two days later and I don’t think our family will ever be the same again. Sometimes I wished I hadn’t actually gone back – would it have hurt less had I been far away? I’m never going to know. But then, I’m glad I got to see her one last time. I spent the next two weeks filling myself up with food, because I didn’t really know what else to do to get rid of the emptiness I was feeling. I put on a few pounds although that feeling never really went away. By the time I actually started feeling again, it was already time for me to leave home. Continue reading My not-so-beachy holiday

{Field Report} A glance at Anatolian villages

These past two Saturdays, I spent the day not exactly in Ankara but technically speaking, not exactly outside Ankara either. She isn’t making any sense, you say? (Well, “she” rarely does make any sense to be honest). I joined some of the geography undergrads at university on their fieldtrip to some villages north of the city, still considered part of the Ankara Province – hence the above confusion. When I was invited to join the trip by one of my tutors, I leapt at the opportunity immediately especially since it was free and also it would allow me to see places to where I currently call home – my “dislike” for Ankara isn’t exactly unknown.

It's fieldtrip time!
It’s fieldtrip time!

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