Vegantastic Regensburg

It is undeniable that Germany is vegan mecca in Europe. I actually came back to Turkey more than a few pounds heavier after spending five weeks stuffing myself. No regrets. Amongst all the cities I managed to visit, Regensburg definitely stands out as the most vegan-friendly as compared to others. Yes, I’m looking at you Rothernburg ob der Tauber; pretzel and a jar of Bärlauch bread spread does NOT constitute dinner.

In an attempt to not starve this time, we made a stop at the shopping centre just by the train station – for a pee break initially – and to grab some lunch before exploring this beautiful medieval city somehow stuck in time. I always tend to lean towards Asian restaurants when travelling since I’m more likely to find something to eat, plus it’s yummy. So Vietnamese food at Quan Sen, not that I had any choice if I wanted something more filling than a plain old boring salad.

No it's not a salad. It's yummy glass noodles hidden by greens. Genius.
No it’s not a salad. It’s yummy glass noodles hidden by greens. Genius.

I opted for glass noodles with a spicy peanut butter sauce which was hands down one of the best things I’ve ever had (I think I tend to say that about most tasty food so don’t quote me on that). The best thing, they had an open kitchen so if you worry about cross contamination, you can easily keep an eye on them.

I'm watching you.
I’m watching you.

Regensburg is apparently also famous for their tea, so tea enthusiasts, you might want to have an afternoon tasting all the different teas they have.

Regenburg tea anyone?
Regenburg tea anyone? It looks fancy. Where’s the Earl Grey?

Or you might want to head straight to the BioMarkt on Stadtamhof to stock up on all the yummies that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Given my notorious food shopping patterns, my dear S.O. who also doubles up as my finance manager put a cap of three items per person. I also checked out another BioMarkt not too far – to be fair, the whole of Regensburg can easily be done on food – and I definitely preferred this one. The staff was really friendly and helpful, up to recommending which chocolate spread I should go for. That really was a tough decision.

My booty from the store.
My booty from the store.

There is a little café attached to the store, so we had a break there after having walked for what-seemed-like-hours in the city. Heart shaped biscuit with a jam filling? Yes please.


Regensburg itself is a vibrant city which in itself is reason enough to visit.

The magnificent St Peter's Church.
The magnificent St Peter’s Church.
Postcard-worthy landscape
Postcard-worthy landscape
And the Donau. I mean, the Danube. Slightly obsessed with it. Slightly.
And the Donau. I mean, the Danube. Slightly obsessed with it. Slightly.
Look at these colours!
Look at these colours!

But I’d definitely go back to have the best burger I have EVER had.

After a disappointing stop at Kuk Asia on Obermünsterstraße which had just closed – their opening times (mostly 11 am – 3 pm except for Mondays and Thursdays when they’re opened until 9 pm except between 3 – 5 pm), we continued our hunt for a place to have dinner. We did managed to chat a little bit with the staff who informed us that the vegan part – completely detached from the main restaurant with a separate kitchen – had recently opened. I haven’t personally checked the food out but their menu definitely caused some serious salivating.

Sorry, we're closed.
Sorry, we’re closed.

But it wasn’t really that hard to find a place since there literally was a vegetarian or vegan restaurant at each turn we took.

Like this suspicious looking beer garden/club on Am Römling which serves both vegetarian and vegan food which although cheap did not look necessarily filling (I may be wrong).


There’s also Tara Café on Am Brixener Hof which has a varied menu with a warm dish and salad of the day. But I think they are much more suited for breakfast or for tea time. The thought of having a cinnamon roll definitely does make me dream right now.

Cozy little cafe with a yoga studio
Cozy little cafe with a yoga studio

We however ended up at Plan 9 on Steinergasse 4/Glockengass , which brings me back to “the best burger I have ever had.” Plan 9 is a vegan rock ‘n roll themed restaurant and bar serving mostly burgers. Seeing the menu, we immediately decided to be fancy and have a three course meal. It was worth it even if I could barely walk after this.

We shared a tofu-based hot dog with a wasabi and mustard sauce which certainly did not disappoint. Just a warning though, please don’t be greedy and gobble it up as quick as you can: the sauce is without any doubt wasabi-based. Man, that was painful.

I have a Wiener! (Sorry, couldn't resist)
I have a Wiener! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Whilst I went for the “Steakhouse Burger” – it just seemed hilarious to have that – with a soya-based steak, vegan bacon and cheese, the dear S.O. choose the India Burger served with freaking pineapple and curry mayonnaise. The next time, I’m so choosing that one.

India Burger - So how do I eat this?
India Burger – So how do I eat this?
I have a leaning tower of food envy
I have a leaning tower of food envy

We finished in style, with blueberry “cheesecake” and whipped cream. I HADN’T HAD CHEESECAKE IN OVER A YEAR. Yes, that was how excited I was.

Cheese cake, 'nuf said.
Cheese cake, ‘nuf said.

I was so stuffed that I wasn’t even tempted by ice cream. Okay, I was but my finance manager decided that I had had enough – else he would bare the brunt of my over eating later, so selfish. However, if you are in the mood for some chocolate or ice cream, I do recommend Diba Chocolat on Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 6. They’re more than happy to point out what’s vegan and let’s face it, we all need a treat once in a while. That’s what I keep telling my waistline.

“What would you like?”
“We’ll be back,” I said, reluctantly.

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