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Taking on Nemrut (II)

Suddenly, getting up at 2 am for sunrise on Mt. Nemrut seemed like a very bad idea. As we got ready to go out, we couldn’t help but wonder why we didn’t choose to go see sunset given how much time to spare we had the previous day. Of course, a few hours later, we’d be telling a different story.

Climbing Mt. Nemrut  at 3 am. Photo: Laure
Climbing Mt. Nemrut at 3 am. Photo: Laure

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Exploring Ephesian history

I thank god everyday that he gave me the ability to sleep on anything that moves (well most things anyway). I boarded my bus to Kuşadası last night, wondering how on earth I would survive the 10 hour bus ride ahead of me and fell asleep before I could come up with an answer. When I woke up, 8 hours later, we had stopped somewhere along some fields. I initially thought that the driver had gone on an urgent loo break – people do get desperate sometimes and we had been on the road for quite a long time. It is only when we made our next stop at a town called Nazilli that we were told that there was something wrong with our bus and immediate repairs had to be done.

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