A taste of Costa Rica

If someone were to ask me what I liked best about travelling, my answer, without any doubt, would be the food. I’m a food addict and anyone looking at my Instagram really would know about our dangerous wonderful relationship. When planning a trip, embarrassingly enough I tend to have a look at where I can eat first rather than what I should visit. This is why when I was invited to try The World Cooking Project, I immediately jumped on board.

The concept is rather simple. It allows you to take an online cooking class (on Skype) from talented chefs from around the world; perfect for people like me who love experiencing new flavours but currently have to reign in the travelling for a while. They have quite a few countries and dishes you can choose from and to be honest, just browsing through them makes me all dreamy and hungry. When I mentioned that I was vegan, Gary, the founding partner, immediately hooked me up with Veronica who actually owns a vegan and raw restaurant in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and took real good care of me. On the menu, pumpkin soup served with sesame arepas.

Waiting to cook these babies and eating them!
Waiting to cook these babies and eating them!

Sazon Completa.

We had an initial confusion about who was supposed to call who but as soon as that was out of the way and we got the simultaneous cooking and banter going, everything just fell in place; there was no awkwardness whatsoever. Veronica was just a ray of sunshine and so welcoming that I felt I had known her for a longer time rather than the few minutes we spent introducing ourselves over my iPad screen. She was also very knowledgeable about the different ingredients we were using, which definitely enhanced the whole cooking experience. She probably found my corn cob cutting skills hilarious but was very encouraging and giving out tips. My own tip to slicing corn cob: build up some muscles.

Warning: Cooking in Progress
Warning: Cooking in Progress

The end result of my hour and a half cooking class was out of this world. I’ve had and made pumpkin soup before but this was definitely on another level. I was joined by a pumpkin-hating friend for this class and even she thought that the soup was unexpectedly yummy. It definitely made me feel, for that short while, as if I was in the Caribbean rather than cold rainy Ankara. Just one thing though, it would have been good to know how many portions we were making from the start. Even with the recipe halved and being joined by three other people, I ended up having too much leftover – which is now sitting a freezer and waiting to be reheated whenever I feel like having some sunny food to cheer me up from the depressing weather we’re having here at the moment (not necessary a bad thing). All in all, it’s definitely something I’d like to try again!

The easiest thing to make but delicious as hell - or should that be heaven?
The easiest thing to make but delicious as hell – or should that be heaven?
Sunny soup!
Sunny soup!

Note: I received a complimentary cooking class from The World Cooking Project but all opinions are my own. Food always makes me happy.


8 thoughts on “A taste of Costa Rica”

  1. I have never heard of the World Cooking Project but it sounds real cool. It must have been fun connecting with a chef and cooking cuisine from another country. Plus, they can offer guidance which is important when cooking something new.

    My husband always experiments with Thai cuisine and the end result has been amazing.

    1. Ah Thai cuisine ❤️ It’s definitely one of my favourites. My roommates call our room a lab since I tend to do experiments to. They’re scared they’re gonna die one day. From the food, not explosions.

      This is quite a new project but getting more and more popular now. Quite happy I got to have such an awesome experience.

  2. This sounds like amazing concept – not just to learn new dishes but also a great platform to connect with different people and experience teleporting (even if it just happens in our heads!) Great!

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