A couple of awards ;)

I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards, Liebster, One Lovely and most recently The Versatile Blogger Awards by The Cake Architect, An Armchair Perfectionist, Travel Morgan and A Restless Traveler. I’m bending the rules a bit so I’m gonna reply to 10 questions that was asked to me and then write 10 facts about myself (that was freaking hard!). Rather that than have you read a whole essay about myself.

I’m quite honoured that you guys thought me worth of them 😉


Questions combo for the Liebster Award:

1) Tea or Coffee?
That’s a hard question. A year ago, it would have been coffee without any hesitation but now I’ve kinda mellowed to the idea of tea. Breakfast is usually accompanied with a cup of Earl Grey and I’ve also got a few jars of green, mint and sage. Although I cannot go too long without a coffee fix.

2) If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
This is a question I’ve pondered upon for a long time (I do tend to get philosophical about such things). Most people go with chocolate or something similar but I think my one would definitely be bread. I love bread and have it every day, even if I try not to. Fresh baguettes from the over smell like heaven to me. Sure it’d be hard to live a life without chocolate but without bread, that’s impossible.

3) What is your favourite hobby?
Planning trips, some of which I may never even go on. I just like the idea of researching a place and thinking of what I would be doing there. I spend way too much money on travel guides as well.

4) What is your favourite cake?
I have two favourite cakes, both of which I need to find a vegan recipe so I can have them again. The first one is carrot cake with nuts and chocolate chips and the second is a coffee and walnut cake (M&S make the best, I swear).

5) If you could have one superpower what would it be? Why?
Teleportation. That’s obvious. If I could cut out on the boarding a plane/bus/train part, life would be so much easier.

6) Do you believe in ghosts? Any experiences?
I wouldn’t say that I believe in ghosts but I definitely believe about something being ‘out there’ not that I’ve experienced anything myself.

7) Who is your most favourite person in the world?
I cannot choose between my mum or dad so I’m gonna say my parents. They’re the most amazing people in the world and support me in whatever I do, even if I get messages such as “What kind of child have I made?”

8) What is one of your life goals?
That’s a hard one. I do want to get my PhD at some point and work as an academic. A travelling academic.

9) What was the worst smell you have every smelt?
Fermented straw. I’ve dealt with compost (human) poo before but I swear, that shit smells worse than this shit.

10) Why did you start blogging?
Blogging is a way for me to write down (mostly) everything I’ve been through during my travels. I’m very bad at traditional journal keeping, so this one is mine.


Facts about myself, Versatile and One Lovely Awards Combo

1. I speak 5 ½ languages.

2. I can sometimes act as an annoying know-it-all. Yup, I’m one of those people.

3. I can’t drive and still can’t muster up the courage to get driving lessons. For one, I would never trust myself behind the wheels of a car.

4. I would rather take a bus than a plane. Not only something nearly always happen when I fly, it’s the only time when I’m not rushing to do something. I like keeping busy.

5. Or rather, I do not know how to deal with free time. So I just tend to hibernate (and make my close ones worry because of the lack of communication) when I do have some.

6. I do better with cardinal points than your normal left-right directions. In my case, there’s left and then the other left.

7. I tend to lose my hearing when I remove my glasses – don’t ask.

8. Some people stress eat. I read chicklits with specific themes I’m never going to say out loud.

9. The first book I ever read on my own was about dinosaurs, when I was about four years old. My father thought it was too challenging for me. I proved him wrong.

10. I have had a massive crush on Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice, if you didn’t know) since I was 13 and more than 10 years later, I still embarrassingly do.

To make it easier for everyone (including me), I nominate everyone below (listed in no particular order) for the Versatile Blogger Award. And the rules are :

  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 blogs.
  • Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

And the nominees are *drumrolls please*

1. Home & Away

2. Living the Turkish dream

3. Blissful Brit

4. Foreign Sanctuary

5. Travelin’ Kait

6. The Bella Travelista

7. Travelling the World Solo

8. Steps to Follow

9. Almost Never Clever

10. Cooking with a Wallflower

11. Adventures in Ankara

12. The Journey Journal

13. The Sophomore Slump

14. 100 Days of Sunshine

15. The Little Thing Called

That’s all folks 😉


8 thoughts on “A couple of awards ;)”

  1. Nice meeting you … even further. When I first read your Q&A’s, I was like Hmmm we had a lot of things in common. Then I read the other personal facts and I’m like whoooaaa… shockers. 🙂

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