Spa break: escape from the cold

Who wouldn’t say yes to being whisked away to a spa resort, especially in the middle of the winter? Exactly.

We didn’t have much planned for the actual New Year’s Day, other than recovering from the previous night and continuing our marathon of the Big Bang Theory. Since our time so far had been spent either wandering outside in the cold enduring wet freezing feet or lazing around the house, we thought it would be good to have a change of scenery. So over breakfast, we decided to go to Kristall Palm Beach (Albertus-Magnus-Straße 29, 90547 Stein), a spa resort which PC had been suggesting since I booked my flights to Nuremberg. I’m still not sure why I had been resisting the idea at the beginning but I certainly don’t regret giving in. Even if I had to wear my silk pyjama shorts as I hadn’t packed any swimwear and I certainly wasn’t going there wearing oversized man shorts – long story.

Weighing 7500 kg, the biggest piece of quartz is on exhibition at the entrance of Palm Beach
Weighing 7500 kg, the biggest piece of quartz is on exhibition at the entrance of Palm Beach

Palm Beach is located in the charming little town of Stein, just a bus away from Nuremberg. We thought we would go around the town after we were done but we ended up staying at the spa way longer than we expected and it was nearly bedtime (for me anyway) by the time we took the bus back. Yes it was that good. For €19.50, we had free access to the whole resort which included a fun area with water slides, a sauna area and a thermal area with indoor and outside mineral pools. We only stayed in the thermal area though since we didn’t want be around screaming overexcited kids nor was I particularly open to the idea of going completely naked in front of strangers for the sauna. I still saw enough naked people to last me for a lifetime.

In need of some UV anyone?
In need of some UV anyone?

The thermal area with its prominent Ottoman tiles feature on the walls was probably designed with a Turkish hamam in mind. It kinda reminded me of the time I went to Pamukkale in south-west Turkey. The pools were of varying temperatures within a range of 34 – 38°C, each composed of different minerals with different healing properties. We slowly worked our way up from the lower temperatures to the highest ones although we returned one or twice to one of the outdoor ones which was my absolute favourite. The blend of cold, borderline freezing, air and the hot steamy water created quite an enchanting mysterious ambience, I have to say.  It wasn’t crowded as the other outdoor pools probably because, as I learned later, this particular pool is open just to adults, within good reason since most of the couples there were probably a step away from getting a life ban for taking indecent liberties.

Winter you say? What's that?
Winter you say? What’s that?
Ohhhh waves and bubbles!
Ohhhh waves and bubbles!
Anybody there?
Anybody there?

After working up an appetite from having too much fun in the pools – or maybe it was just my body trying to cope with the difference in temperatures – we grabbed food from the nearest “cafe”. There seemed to be many of those, to suit most people’s tastes. Just something to keep in mind: the bottle that says French fries sauce, that’s just plain mayo.


6 thoughts on “Spa break: escape from the cold”

  1. I’m not very fond of this kind of places, but you did make this one sounds really special. 🙂 And swimming during winter sounds like an awesome idea anyway. 😉

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