New Year, New Groove

New Year was quite a low-key affair for us. Since I don’t deal well with big crowds and I’m not a drinker, going to a big loud party with unlimited booze was out of the question. Instead we chose to go to Blues gig at Kofferfabrik, ‘The Suitcase Factory’ (Kofferfabrik, Lange Str. 81, 90762 Fürth) which was just behind our apartment building. From what I’ve been told, it used to be an old suitcase factory, hence the name, and now it’s just a place where people can chill on a daily basis. It also has different gigs every New Year for everyone’s tastes so this wasn’t just a New Year ‘thing’. It has different sections including a “Couch Club” where, according to the website (in German), you can eat, drink, flirt, laugh and cry among other things. They even serve food – apparently many people tend to go there for brunch – and even have a little something for vegetarians and vegans. We chose to only go to the gig rather than have dinner there as we still had of leftovers in the fridge (yep, that’s what we had for New Year’s Eve) but also the special New Year’s Eve menu didn’t really appeal to us. I quite liked the whole setting though and would definitely want to go there simply to chill.

Kofferfabrik on a dark but clear night
Kofferfabrik on a dark but clear night

The gig was held in another part of the ‘factory’, which was a big empty spacious space with the stage for the musicians and a bar. We went there a bit early to get our tickets before our not-so-fancy dinner at home. By the time we went back there for the actual gig, the place was already full. It was the first time I had heard of Paul Batto Jr. but I have to say, he had quite an amazing voice and an even more amazing sense of humour. Listening to the swinging grooves, swaying to the music and downing some weirdly flavoured German lemonade was quite pleasant as well as bizarre way for the year to end.

The band
The band – loved that bassist!

The gig went on till 1 am with little breaks in between and a longer one at midnight. We joined the others outside around the fire barrel which is a regular winter addition, had fun with some sparklers and watched the fireworks from the streets. I have to say, Germans, in this regions at least, definitely have a thing for fireworks and know how to start the New Year with a bang. The streets the following day was not a pretty site with all the fireworks debris all around.

Lit up sky
Lit up sky
The beautiful and environmentally degrading.
The beautiful and environmentally degrading.
Cosy around the fire
Cosy around the fire
Sparklers for everyone!
Sparklers for everyone! (we went a bit small there)

We weren’t quite ready to go back home after the gig ended and somehow ended up on a dance floor in some other part of the ‘factory’, with music completely unknown to me but not to the others including PC. I probably was also the only sober one on that dance floor. Clumsily as I’m not much of a dancer, we danced the night away. Now that’s something I’m not much in a hurry to repeat. This probably was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had. Just hoping it’ll be even better next year.

Frohes neues Jahr!


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Groove”

  1. It sounds like a great time and from your description, you gave 2015 an great welcome. I went to a place that had a 365 second display of fireworks with friends. We have been doing the same for the past three years and it is perfect way to welcome the new year for me.

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