From Lycia to Mount Olympos

We spent our remaining days at Olympos exploring the ruins and mostly just enjoying the glorious weather and beach. I did quite like the way that the ruins had merged with the natural surroundings to form some surreal exotic place.

What’s left of the Lycian civilisation…

How to carry a child 101
Where are we?
Heads up, the water is FREEZING

The highlight of the whole trip though must have been the beautiful sunset we saw on our last day there. We were quite prepared this time, with blankets as we smuggled into the beach area, crawling under the gates once again – such rebels. The gradual changes from dark blue to crimson red reminded me of some Urdu poem I studied back in school although I cannot remember any of the words right now.


We said goodbye to Olympos and got the bus to Tahtalı Dağ (Wooden Mountain), to climb Mount Olympos, the towering mountain seen from Olympos – you really cannot miss it. Whilst it would have been a challenge in itself to climb up there by foot, I doubt any of us two was up for it. I definitely wasn’t. Instead, we took the cable car up to the mountain for the breathtaking view it provided of the Mediterranean. On a good non-foggy day, I bet it’s even more beautiful than whatever we witnessed, not that I was disappointed with what I saw.

Cable car approaching the mountain
Cable car approaching the mountain
East Mediterranean coast from above
The Eastern Mediterranean coast from above
The Western Mediterranean coast
The Western Mediterranean coast

4 thoughts on “From Lycia to Mount Olympos”

      1. Excellent choice! Those trails can be hot during the summer months when not up high in the western hills of the trail. I really like the little details in your blogs such as the guy overcharging for tea. Goes to show there are slippery salespeople in every town in the world!
        This is great information for future travelers to carry forward. I look forward to reading more of your material through your mailing list.


      2. Thanks! And yes, doing the lycian way during summer would be suicide in my opinion (I usually flee from Turkey during those times), but it’s definitely worth it in September or October, when it’s warm enough except for the nights, and the rainy season wouldn’t have started yet by the Mediterranean coast 😉

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