Unwinding in Olympos

It’s quite hard to believe that only a month ago, I was basking in Mediterranean sunshine without a care in the world – okay this is me we’re talking about, so with less care in the world than usual.

The Ulupınar stream trickling down the beach
The Ulupınar stream trickling down the beach

Since it was Kurbaan Bayram, the second of the two religious holidays celebrated by Muslims, and hence quite a long “bank holiday weekend” here in Turkey, everyone was in a hurry to get home or to make the last minutes arrangements for the holidays (that would be where I’d fall in). It meant that the bus terminal was nothing less than a bazaar with companies trying to sell the last of their remaining tickets. Luck or not, I managed to grab a ticket to Antalya after trying five or six companies, from where I’d be getting another bus to Olympos – where I would be spending the week away from everything, and with quite good company if I may add.

Calling Olympos a village would be being overly generous: it literally is a single narrow road running till the coast down the valley with a string of pensions on each side. An important Lycian city – and probably port – in the 2nd century BC, it has now turned into a holiday retreat – for those who know it exists. With in ancient ruins, turquoise coast and treehouse-style accommodation, well what else does this girl need?

Overlooking the Lycian ruins
Overlooking the Lycian ruins

We stayed at the Şaban pension which had been recommended by several sources and not without reason. We wanted to avoid the loud and noisy party “neighbourhoods” and we definitely managed that, even with our neighbour pension’s live music – more like bad karaoke – playing till midnight. I loved everything about our accommodation, from the “treehouses” to the cosy seating areas to the great home-made food. Despite being the holiday period in Turkey, it would seem that everyone had chosen the more popular – read “loud and noisy” – pension, leaving this one less crowded and peaceful. No one had to fight over the hammock or cushions.

A glimpse of our pension
A glimpse of our pension
At least E. didn't forget to get a picture of our house. I did.
At least E. didn’t forget to get a picture of our house. I did.

For 40 TL (a bit more that £10/ €12) which included breakfast and dinner, our expectations were quite low, definitely not the assortment that was available for breakfast including freshly made omelettes and the variety of mouth-watering dishes to choose  from. The “room” itself was quite basic with two single mattresses and a third one leaning by the wall if needed, a couple of much-needed blankets and one electric socket.

Our first day there, or rather what was left of the day after the long haul we both did to get to Olympos, we just walked around and scouted the area. I left my phone back in the room to charge and I have to admit, this is definitely something I should get into the habit into doing from times to times. I probably was complaining about the not-so-sandy beaches all the time but everything else was more than picture perfect.

It's as blue as it gets...
It’s as blue as it gets…
Not sure I want to imagine this beach when it's peak season...
Not sure I want to imagine this beach when it’s peak season…

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