Bidding goodbye to the Emirates

My Dubai trip ended up being a reunion with all sorts of people, mostly people with whom I share my surname, some of which happened to be on honeymoon in Dubai – why would anyone want to have a honeymoon is beyond me but there we go (if you’re reading this, which I know you don’t, I’d appreciate an answer) and some very good friends from London. I spent my last two days with said friends catching up and exploring, giggling like little girls basically.

We got shown around by an Emirati the first day and went on a very long drive out to Sharjah, one of the seven emirates. Sharjah is quite smaller and definitely less wealthy than Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Since we were getting driven around, we weren’t quite as free to explore the city as we wanted, and were stopped at some places for just a photo opportunity. It was however quite nice to just sit back, have girly talks and just enjoy the drive.

Let's hit the beach!
Let’s hit the beach!

The Sharjah eye
The Sharjah eye

We stopped at beauty salon to get henna tattoos done and I practiced my Hindi/Urdu as I eavesdrop on the staff – not many nice things were being said to be honest. We drove around the campus of the University of Sharjah as well before going all the way to Ajman, the bordering emirate.

Getting henna tattoo-ed
Getting henna tattoo-ed
Quick shot of the university
Quick shot of the university

Now there was one thing I still hadn’t got to do in Dubai and that was to get a clichéd photo with the Burj-al-Arab. So off we went the next day to Jumeira beach – part of which was under construction at that time.

The Burj-al-Arab - it had to be done.
The Burj-al-Arab – it had to be done.

We made a quick stop at the Jumeira Mosque before heading to the Lime Tree cafe, recommended by my guide. I had some lovely carrot cake – my favourite – and earl grey tea at this not-so-cheap cafe which seemed to be the place to be for all the posh expat (mostly British) mums. My type of place basically, although the girls definitely preferred McDonald’s down the road. I’m still judging you for that.

2014-08-28 13.03.24

Some good tea...
Some good tea…
and amazing carrot cake.
and amazing carrot cake – just the way I like it.

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