Hello world, again!

Where has summer gone? August is nearing an end and so are the holidays. I still remember the anticipation of summer and sunshine and Starbucks frappucinos – which I actually haven’t indulged much into. During the time I have been off the radar, I spent an amazing week in East Anatolia which is my most favourite Turkish adventure so far, packed my bags and headed back home to Mauritius for reasons I don’t even want to think about and just flew into Dubai yesterday where I’ll be spending another week simply getting over my holidays. Whilst it was actually good to be back home and catch up with everyone – even landed a job during the short time I was there -, I was more than ready to leave when I did, even if I didn’t manage to do all the things I wanted to. There’ll be a next time for sure. I’ll be having my first trip out in the engulfing emirati heat and I’m not sure I’m quite prepared for it. After the genteel and mild Mauritian climate, I seem to have forgotten what the Middle Eastern sun feels like. Nothing like it to say welcome back, I suppose.


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