Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

This photo was posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

This is by far the scariest ride I have ever been on. Named ‘Tonnerre de Zeus’ (French for Thunder of Zeus, it is the second longest wooden coaster in Europe and considered one of the top roller coasters in Europe. With all its twists and turns, it’s guaranteed to give you the fright of your life or at least,  some stomach churning and dropping experiences. If you have underage children going with you, you might want to tell them to cover their ears for the colourful vocabulary you will be hearing.

It is one but not the only attractions of Parc Astérix, an amusement park about 40 minutes from Paris. We drove but you can even get a shuttle bus from the city centre. It has rides for all tastes, from the scariest to the most genteel, with themes from the stories of Astérix of course but also others based on Roman and ancient Greek history. The park has probably changed a bit since I last visited in 2010 but remains one of my favourite trips in France. I mean, I got to see Zeus in floral underwear, that definitely beats everything.


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