Not yet a local

It’s already been three months since I’ve moved to Turkey and the paperwork for my scholarship is finally done and dusted. I swear that this country takes bureaucracy to yet another level with the number of forms I’ve had to filled in since I’ve come here. Well, I’ve stayed somewhat true to my “explore the country” resolution – I’ve already been to Istanbul once and whilst I’m not quite the local yet, I don’t think of myself as a yanbancı (foreigner) anymore. But despite what you think, I certainly do not go around having kebabs and doners everyday. I do now have a favourite Chinese restaurant which I may tell you about someday.

My days are going by quite the same. Turkish classes, work and then the yurt (dorms). Little by little, I’m trying to add a little bit of me to the routine that had already been chosen for me by my scholarship conditions. One recent addition is Arabic classes in the morning, which does mean that I have to wake up at least one hour early everyday. I do not have any travelling plans for any time soon although I shall be London-bound in February for a week to catch up with all the amazing people I simply cannot wait to meet again.

 All in all, life in Turkey isn’t bad although it is quite different from the last time I lived abroad. Having no close family or friends around, it does make you realise of what you have always taken for granted. For sure, I do speak to my mother more often than not and we actually have more meaningful conversations than we used to. There also are times when I yearn to have someone to go sit in a coffee shop and chat for hours, talking about nothing and everything. I also am finding yet another aspect to living somewhat alone (I do share a room with three other people and actually it’s not as bad as one would think) – feeding myself properly which is proving itself to be a challenge. There seem to be no middle ground for it, either I’m eating too much junk (as in chocolates) or I’m skipping meals.

 As from tomorrow, a healthy eating starts!


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